Last week we provided you with a wonderful tutorial on how to make a VGK no sew fleece blanket; this week we are going to show you how to use that same technique to make your furry friend something as well.  

List of supplies: 

24” x 36” x 3” Rectangular Cushion Foam (Found at Walmart or any craft store)

1 yard of your favorite VGK pattern fleece

1 yard of your favorite matching color

Multipurpose or Fabric Scissors

Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat (not necessary)

Rotary Cutter (not necessary)

5×5-inch cardboard square (not necessary)

You might find that this list of supplies is almost the same as last week’s tutorial, except you will need one yard of each style fabric and one foam cushion. This tutorial is for a large dog so you might need to alter if you have a smaller pet. 

You are going to follow the same steps as last week’s tutorial

  • Purchase your materials
  • Prepare your fabric by leaving a 5-inch boarder around your foam cushion
  • Cut your 4 – 5 x 5-inch squares on all 4 corners
  • Cut your 1 ½ inch strips 
  • Knot ONLY  3 sides of the material 

Once you have knotted three sides of your material, keeping the 4th side unknotted, you will want to slide your foam cushion into the pocket you have created. Tip of advice: It might be a little snug, but the material will stretch.

Once the foam cushion has been inserted you will want to knot the fourth side, closing the pet bed up.

I hope your pet loves the bed a much as ours does! Now she just needs her own little VGK blanket, pillow, and Chance doll.

Tip: If you have a smaller pet, you can use a pillow instead of foam cushion. They have inexpensive ones at IKEA for $3.49. You can also use this same technique to make a NO SEW VGK FLEECE PILLOW.

We hope you ladies are enjoying these craft tutorials. We have so many fun ideas and things to share with you.

*Rachelle O’Dell is our VGK Ladies craft expert. For questions or orders, email her at