Vegas Golden Knights Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Tickets

Vegas Golden Knights tickets are all sent to an AXS account (you can download the App for free).  Don’t trust anyone that wants to sell you paper tickets unless you know them personally.  While paper tickets do exist for large groups, it is difficult to verify their authenticity.  

Tickets can be purchased directly from  You can also sign up to receive text messages from when open/discounted seats become available.  This is a great way to get good deals on seats.

There are several ticket exchange groups on Facebook as well.  However we do recommend caution when using this option.  You can get a great deal this way, but please make sure that you pay via PayPal (which refunds your money if the tickets don’t end up working) and that the seats are immediately transferred to your AXS account.  These same rules apply when buying from Craigslist (don’t recommend).

What is Hyde Lounge?

Hyde Lounge is a modern lounge/club inside of T-Mobile Arena. The club opens up into the arena so that the game (or other events) can be viewed live from within. VGK Ladies did a review of the lounge with pictures and pricing info. You can find that article here.

Parking at T-Mobile:

T-Mobile does not have its own parking garage, but uses the garages from the surrounding casinos.  These casinos however, charge extra for parking on game days. Unless you are a season ticket holder, expect to pay $20-35 a game from the event parking garages. Some garages only allow pre-paid parking passes.  Note that you save about $10 if you prepay.

Prepaid Parking Passes can be purchased here:

Pay on Day of event: Excalibur (E), MGM Grand (M)

Prepaid: Monte Carlo (P), Aria (A), NYNY (N)

While these garages are convenient in terms of location, they can be a pain in the butt getting in and out of.  If you get there early enough and leave late enough, you should have no problem. But if you leave right after the game, expect to spend extra time sitting in one spot in the parking garage, screaming at the cars in front of you.  

Also, don’t be offended if someone honks at you in sets of 3.  It stands for “Go Knights Go!”

For more info:

Want Free Parking? Sign up for the MGM credit card and they will automatically upgrade your players card to Pearl status.  A Pearl card gives you free parking at all MGM owned properties, even on event days!  It’s totally worth it since there are no annual fees and no requirements to ever use the credit card. You also get discounts to hotels, shows, and other special offers.

The RTC Golden Knights Express.

These are double decker buses that take you from one of the locations below to T-Mobile, with no stops in between.  The cost is only $2 each way.  You must pay in cash and exact change is preferred since they don’t make change.

The Golden Knights Express leaves 20 and 30 mins. after the game ends, so this isn’t an option if you plan on hanging around The Park afterward.

There are currently 3 pick-up and drop-off locations for the GKE:  Centennial, Summerlin, and Henderson.  

For more information, and to see pick up times, click on the link below:

Timetable of Events for Home Games:

  • 90 minutes prior to game- Doors Open
  • 60 minutes prior- Chance, Drumbots, Golden Aces, and the Golden Knight parade through The Park outside of T-mobile. The parade continues inside.
  • 30 minutes prior- Knights take the ice for pre-game warm-ups. Fans can cheer them on near the glass. The Knights come out of the locker room onto the ice from section 5, however this season sections 5, 6, 15, & 16 are closed to those without tickets for those sections. Apart from these sections, the best sections to watch from are 4, 1, & 20.
  • 8-10 minutes prior- KNIGHT TIME begins! This is the pre-game show meant to get the crowd excited about the game. It’s cheesy, but amazing at the same time.

NHL Bag Policy

Only bags 9x5x2″ or smaller are permitted inside T-Mobile. This is an NHL policy.

What to wear when attending a game or practice:

Practices are cold. While some can get away with shorts and flip flops, most of us need a sweatshirt, pants, and closed toed shoes. VGK apparel is preferred, but you’re fine in anything that doesn’t represent a different hockey team. We also recommend a blanket to top the benches with. The benches are very cold and are not very comfortable. That extra padding makes a big difference.

Games at T-mobile are a little warmer than practices because you aren’t as close to the glass and you are surrounded by thousands of people.  A Jersey or sweatshirt is best.  I like to wear my jersey and bring a sweatshirt just in case.  During the winter, its a good idea to bring gloves as well, in case you are standing outside for an extended period of time. In general, the colder is it outside, the colder it will be inside. LAYERS are the best way to go.

Make sure you wear closed toed shoes.  You may be able to handle the cold on your feet, but there are steep stairs and lots of people holding beer, so YOU decide if you want to risk it with sandals or high heels.

Also, make sure you wear VGK apparel or colors (slate gray, red, white, gold, or black).  You are there to support the team, save your favorite blue top for another night.  If you don’t own any Knights apparel, check to see what the colors are for the opposing team so you at least don’t look like you are supporting them (Ex.: Don’t wear Silver when we play the Kings, or Teal when we play the Sharks).

How to attend a practice:

Practices are free and open to the public at City National Arena in Summerlin. Typically the team practices some time between 9am and 1pm, however they frequently take days off and there is no practice when the team is traveling (obviously). Practice times change, so it’s best to find out the time of practice before going to CNA.   Practice times are announced via the team’s twitter account @goldenknights.  Note that you do not need to have a twitter account to see the tweets.  

Do I need to wait in line or get there early?

Not so much anymore, but possibly during the playoffs. Generally there are open seats and you can show up any time.

How to Watch the Games at Home


Cox At&t Sports Net- channels 313/1313

Direct TV – channel 684

Direct TV online does not.

Century Link- channels 760/1760

Dish- channels 414/5414

U-Verse- channels 757/1757

Playstation Vue NBC sports app

Stream on Close any pop-ups. The game plays from the original screen. Note that you do not need to create an account or pay to watch the game on this site. Ignore anything that says otherwise.

Reddit: click on game you want. On the next page, scroll down until you find a source that says “Trusted”.  Once you choose Home or Away under the source name, a new screen will pop up with a video ready to play.  Click the play button. Always close any pop-ups (using the red X on the corner of your screen), even if they say you need to update your Flash player, or talk about your security software.  The feed will play from where you clicked the play button, not in a separate window.

Hulu Live (regular season games.  May not be available when game is shown on major network)

NHL TV (This will not work for Las Vegas residents unless you get a VPN to block your location)

Listen on radio stations: 98.9FM and 1340AM. 

Great Watch Party Locations

Born and Raised (3 locations around town)

Buffalo Wild Wings (several locations)- Kid Friendly

MacKenzie River Pizza at City National Arena (Summerlin)- Kid Friendly

Nacho Daddy (Ft. Apache/Sahara)- Kid Friendly

The Pint (Hualapai/W Charleston)

Parkway Tavern (Flamingo/215 or Green Valley District)

Hi Scores (Blue Diamond/Decatur)

Brooksys (Ft. Apache/Flamingo)- Kid Friendly

Sahara Lounge (E Sahara/Maryland Pkwy)

The D Hotel and Casino (Fremont Street)- Kid Friendly

Banger Brewing (Fremont Street)

Distill (N Durango/Centennial Pkwy)

Big Dog’s Draft House (Rancho/Craig)

Henderson Pavilion will have watch parties during the playoffs. – Kid Friendly

What are the rules of hockey?

It would take way too much time to answer that here.  But we’ve got you covered in our Hockey 101 section!  We update it frequently in response to questions we get asked about the game or the management aspect.  If you have questions that are not answered there, let us know!

Where can I buy Vegas Golden Knights merchandise or related services?

You can purchase items from the NHL shop by clicking here.

Where can I make new friends and talk about hockey?

Join thousands of women in our Facebook Group, dedicated to making the most positive atmosphere for the Vegas Golden Knights’ female fans. VGK Ladies was the first all-female facebook group for the NHL. We host tons of events for our members where lasting friendships are made, so don’t miss out!

Click here to join: 

What’s with the Flamingo?

Golden Knights season ticket holder Drew Johnson was the first to throw a fake flamingo on the ice.  He did this for the first time after a big victory against the Calgary Flames.

“After that, Karlsson had a hat trick, Fleury had a shutout,” he said. “It was one of the best games of the year….Players who touch the flamingo, Tuch, Haula, after they picked it up, they’ve scored the next goals.”   Because of this, it has been named the Victory Flamingo and deemed to be Lucky.

Other fans have since joined in on this and throw flamingos on the ice after big wins.  And because the Flamingo has a history in Las Vegas, it now is used as a symbol of pride for our city and team. You can even use flamingos in your VGK decor and it will fit right in.

Common Chants:

Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame! – When an opposing player goes to the penalty box, it is common practice (and really fun) to chant SHAME at that player. The arena crew even plays a little chime or bell to announce this chant. Fans also make a chopping motion with their arm like they do on “Game of Thrones”.

Go Knights Go! – Don’t care if you’re new to the arena, or naturally shy, when the crowd starts chanting Go Knights Go!, you need to join in. The players love it and they feed on that energy.