About Us

What is VGK Ladies?

VGK Ladies is a community of women who support the Vegas Golden Knights and Las Vegas hockey.  Our Facebook discussion group is a great place for female fans to chat about the Golden Knights and make new friends.  You can join our discussion group by clicking here: VGK Ladies!  Don’t forget to Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for event announcements and VGK team details. Note that VGK Ladies is not officially affiliated with the Vegas Golden Knights.

VGKLadies.com is the ultimate source for everything Vegas Golden Knights.

We created this page to give female Vegas Golden Knights fans access to all of the best VGK info in one site.  So whether you’re looking to read about the team and game recaps, host a Knights-themed birthday party,  create a fun game-day look, or if you’re new to hockey and would like to increase your hockey IQ, we’ve got you covered!

Feel free to contact us with topics you’d like to see, or even send in your own thoughts and articles. We’ll be sure to give you ladies everything you need to satiate your hunger for all things Vegas Golden Knights!

Go Knights Go!

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Our Mission:

It is the mission of the VGK Ladies to engage female hockey fans through education, entertainment, and strong community involvement.


*Annual forums & classes that answer frequently asked questions about hockey and the players

*Online information for, and reporting of, the Vegas Golden Knights

*Online explanations of hockey rules and strategies.


*Large quarterly events and regular group outings that promote community and friendships among the members

*Tutorials to help Vegas Golden Knights fans show their support of the team

*Lighthearted commentary

Community Involvement:

*Opportunities to support local charities through fiscal or goods donations, as well as the mobilization of women to give time/manpower. 

*Philanthropic aspects of  VGK Ladies events. 

*Encouraging and supporting women and girls of all ages to play sports.

Our Writers:

Katie Leavitt is the Founder and Owner of VGK Ladies.  She started the VGK Ladies group back in 2017 to give female VGK fans a space to talk about the Knights that is positive and judgement-free. Her background as an athlete (soccer, hockey, karate, rock climbing, basketball, and more…) causes her to watch hockey from a strategic and mental aspect, which she brings in to her articles.  She is married with 2 kids, and has a dog,  2 rabbits,  15 chickens, 2 turtles, and a horse. Aside from caring for her family, animals, and the VGK Ladies community, she also is on the PTA, active in her church, and volunteers for local charities.

You can contact Katie by emailing her at katie@vgkladies.com.

Rachelle O’Dell is the craft expert for our VGK Ladies. Her journey with the VGK Ladies started in July 2018 when she first posted about her son’s VGK- themed birthday party. Since then she has been assisting with craft tutorials and fan spotlights. She is married with two boys and a dog. Her husband and son play hockey, and her family members are huge VGK fans. She has always had a passion for drawing, painting, and crafting. When she isn’t crafting, she is a stay at home mom and is on the PTO board at her son’s charter school.

You can contact Rachelle by emailing her at rachelle@vgkladies.com

Crystal Hollibaugh is one of the VGK Ladies writers. Her endeavor with VGK Ladies started in March 2019 with a late season game recap between VGK and the Colorado Avalanche. Her love of hockey started with her hometown team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. She pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from Pitt, and it brought her out to Vegas where she met her loving boyfriend.  She’s currently an Executive Assistant to the Food & Beverage Division for Treasure Island Hotel & Casino as well as a writer for other VGK websites. In her spare time, she’s out painting waterfalls or feeding the Sunset Park waterfowl.

You can contact Crystal by emailing her at crystal@vgkladies.com.