VGK “Pause” Workout: Day 4

Today is the last day that we do the circuit below. Though the reps have been increased again, you should still do 2-3 sets all the way through. If you feel comfortable doing more reps/time of any exercise (especially the abs), please do.

Put extra focus into keeping your abs and glutes tight throughout the workout. Do the exercises slowly (except Butt Kicks and Jumping Jacks) so you can focus on your form and balance.

If you need a refresher on proper form for each exercise, click here.


Before doing the exercises for this workout, warm up your muscles by going for a brisk walk or a light run for 2-5 minutes.



As always, please stretch afterward, or do this quick yoga routine:

Workout Equipment

Starting on Friday, we will begin doing new exercises. Though not required, we recommend a few pieces of equipment to help you get more out of each workout. You can find that list at the bottom of our Day 3 Workout.