VGK “Pause” Workout: Day 3

Today we’re continuing with the same exercises, but increasing some of the reps. I encourage you to do the circuit as many times as it takes you to be tired, and feel like you’re pushing yourself. For many, this would be 2-3 times. Remember, in order to build muscles, we need to challenge them.

Don’t forget to make your kids do these with you. They need something to get the energy out nowadays.


Exercise explanations Here.


As always, please take the time to stretch after. If you don’t know a lot of stretches, try doing this 6-minute post-workout yoga session from Youtube:


Future Workout Aids

No equipment is required for our workouts, but there are a lot of benefits to adding inexpensive equipment to your workout. After this week, we will be including this equipment as an option to enhance your workout.

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands:

These bands come 5 colors, each with a different resistance strength. They can be placed on to your legs or arms during normal exercises to make them more challenging, and to strengthen muscles you might have a hard time building without a machine. They are especially helpful when doing hip strengthening exercises, so you can get rid of those saddlebags on the outside of your thighs. The bands can provide a great butt workout too. I personally love them.

You can find these on Amazon by clicking Here. There are less expensive options, but these had a great rating and were available on Amazon Prime. They also come with an exercise guide.

Foam Roller

A foam roller massages your muscles and helps to stretch tight muscles. This is more of a recovery tool than a workout tool. I have more than one and feel they are necessary to keep my body in good condition for the sports I play. Foam rolling daily, and after workouts, can prevent soreness and prevent injuries.

You can find this one on Amazon by clicking Here. You may also be able to find some at Walmart or Target.


To get the most effective and well rounded workout for your upper body, we do recommend getting a set of weights. You can find some at Walmart or other sporting goods stores (though Walmart and Target might be the only stores open right now). You can also find them on Amazon, though they are rarely on Amazon Prime.

I recommend getting at least 2 different weights:

One set should only be about 5-8 pounds. This set will be used for shoulders, which are notoriously weaker than other upper body muscles. If you have a strong upper body, go heavier. Feel free to test it out at the store by holding the weight in one hand, and with a slight bend in the elbow, raise your arm all the way up to shoulder height. This can be done parallel to your chest, or perpendicular.

The second set should be between 10-20 pounds. This will be used for your arms and back. Again, feel free to test the weight by doing a few bicep curls. Make sure you keep your abs tight and raise the weight slowly so you don’t use momentum as a helper.

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