VGK “Pause” Workout: Day 2

If you haven’t taken the time to read our Day 1 article, please do so before continuing our program. You will also need to read our exercise explanation post.

Since many of us are just easing back into working out, we are going to continue this week with easy, full body workouts. Each day for the first week will contain the same exercises, with some variations in the reps and sets.

Table of Contents

Day 2


Today we are doing the same workout as yesterday, but with the addition of some yoga. Your total workout will probably only take about 40 minutes.

You can find great yoga videos on the YouTube channel: Yoga with Adriene.

Today, we recommend doing the exercises below, and then finishing with this easy, beginner yoga workout:

If you are familiar with yoga, feel free to browse Adriene’s channel, as she has a plethora of great videos for all needs.

If you find yourself filled with a little anxiety or stress over the current virus situation, you may also want to include this 15-minute meditation session:



If you have time today and you’re feeling good, go for a walk with your family. The fresh air will be great for your health and wellbeing, and the movement will help prevent soreness.