What The Tkachuk?! Matthew Tkachuk Finds Out Why You Don’t Mess with Marc-Andre Fleury.

Wednesday night the Vegas Golden Knights faced the Calgary Flames at T-mobile arena. After winning their last 4 games, the Knights were looking to continue their streak and prove to the league that they can be a threat in the playoffs. Calgary is currently 1st in the Pacific division standings and 4th in scoring for the league. They had lost their previous two games but were hoping to keep their record of not losing three in row this season; they failed. The Golden Knights won 2-1 in a game that was arguably Matthew Tkachuks fault.

Here’s Why:

Tkachuck, of the Calgary Flames, had been messing with Fleury all night. It’s his job to do so, so you can’t really blame him. But unfortunately, he took it too far.

First, Tkachuk cost the team a possible goal by coming in contact with Fleury and his stick, impairing Fleury’s ability to save the next shot. This led to one of the most exciting moments of the season: The Vegas Golden Knights finally had a successful Goaltender Interference challenge! I know, hard to believe as the NHL seemed so determined to never let that happen, but I guess they couldn’t deny this one.

But Tkachuk didn’t learn his lesson. During a 4 on 4, he skates backwards towards the net and runs into Fleury, taking him down! Miller instantly comes to Fleury’s rescue and the two start hitting Tkachuk. This leads to a fight between Miller and Tkachuk as well as a fun activity for the whole team! It was amazing. Watch for yourself.

The Fight

A Closer Look

Even better, David Rittich decides he wants to be in on the action and starts tapping his stick on the ice to let Fleury know he’s ready to fight. Of course Fleury wants in on this too, starts to drop the gloves, but they both decide not to make the trek across half the rink.

Fleury Prepares To Fight

This fight happened at the end of the second period, giving the Knights a power play, and fuel to win, to start the third period. Since the teams were tied 1-1 at the start of the third, the Knights knew they had to score first in order to take this game. And who better than to score a goal in Fleury’s honor than Deryk Engelland?! He gets a pass from Smith and scores his first goal in 37 games. Vegas keeps this lead and the Knights win 2-1, leaving Tkachuk pouting and ready to fight as the final buzzer sounds… what a weenie.

Other Highlights

*Vegas scored during a Power Play! Shea Theodore scored his 11th goal of the season, making him the leading goal-scorer among defensemen.

*After this last game, Marc-Andre Fleury is now tied for 8th in all-time wins with Jacques Plante.

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  1. Everything about this article is spot on! I was with out of town colleagues at the game & when the goal was challenged both my husband & I told them “no way we get this call, we never get this call” only to be shocked moments later! And scoring on the power play & Engo coming to Fleury’s honor, great game!

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