What Do We Do Now?

Well, our glorious inaugural season is over. We have spent the better part of a year cheering, creating history, learning, watching, and obsessing about our Golden Knights. So, what do we do with our hockey-starved brains during the off-season? Here are some ideas to help you avoid being that weirdo, sitting alone at City National or T-Mobile, crying and mumbling incoherently about Stanley Cup Final Game 5. 

  1. Follow VGK through upcoming scheduled events:
  2. Complete your poster or puck collection through trades with other fans
  3. Binge-watch hockey movies, such as “Miracle,” “Goon,” “Strange Brew,” “The Mighty Ducks,” “Youngblood,” “Slap Shot,” and (my personal favorite) “The Cutting Edge”
  4. Feed your obsession by memorizing VGK player stats on nhl.com
  5. Take the family to ice skate at CNA, LV Ice Center, or Sobe Ice Arena (inside Fiesta Rancho)
  6. Plan a wine tasting party featuring wines from Foley Estates Vineyards, make sure to invite Sonnet Adams from the VGK Ladies group
  7. Start a “Go Knights Go” chant in a random public place
  8. Sort through your VGK pictures from the season to create new memes or make a giant collage of manly VGK tastiness to hang on your bedroom wall
  9. Learn hockey rules by going to the Hockey 101 section of this site, watching YouTube videos, or searching for  “National Hockey League Rules” on Wikipedia.
  10. Perfect your VGK-themed craft and baked good skills
  11. Check out one of the VGK-themed paint parties around town
  12. Watch VGK games on YouTube or TV
  13. Stand outside of a room, play “John Wick Medley” by Le Castle Vania on full volume from your phone, walk into room and watch the place explode into excitement
  14. High-five anyone wearing VGK gear
  15. Play pick-up hockey, soap hockey (Google it! Hilarious!), or street hockey and hope Marc-Andre Fleury appears and offers to play goalie
  16. Get a VGK tattoo
  17. Lead the VGK to victory on NHL 2018 (video game) 
  18. Count down the days until preseason starts 9/16/18 at home against the Coyotes 

~By Sonnet Adams