Vegas Golden Knights Inspired Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner a lot of you might be figuring out your costumes, decorating your pumpkins, buying supplies for trunk or treat, or hosting a party. We have put together some creative ways our VGK Ladies are sharing their love for the Golden Knights and Halloween. Enjoy!

Yard Decorations

Creative for sure! A few of our VGK Ladies have gone all out to get in the hockey/Halloween spirit.

Photo courtesy of Jill Alegre (Neighbor)
Photos Courtesy of Mollie Scott Stewart
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boisvert

Check out this amazing display created by Bill and Danielle Taylor:

Photo Courtesy of @saucydanielle on Twitter

These photos were taken before the “ice” was laid, but we think Danielle’s display is absolutely Brilliant!


We have searched high and low, finding some of the cutest costumes out there. Our VGK Ladies are extremely creative and dedicated, all of them being HANDMADE costumes.

Pink Flamingo:

Photos Courtesy of Melissa Seibert Finnan

ADORABLE Hockey Player and Puck (with custom made VGK Pumpkin for trick or treating):

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Kelton


Photos Courtesy of Mollie Scott Stewart
Photos Courtesy of Mollie Scott Stewart

Vegas Golden Knights Cheerleader:

Photo Courtesy of Lesley Donofrio


We found pumpkins are getting dressed up just as much as the children!

Photo Courtesy of Pamela Blackmon
Photo Courtesy of Rachelle O’Dell

One office of lovely ladies held a pumpkin decorating competition. First place went to Lori Umland Burger for her #29 Fleury pumpkin. The arena had lights and music that played the theme song for when the Knights enter the ice. 

Photo Courtesy of Lori Umland Burger
Photo Courtesy of Lori Umland Burger
Photo Courtesy of Lori Umland Burger

Knights fans are pretty impressive, right? If you made Vegas Golden Knights inspired Halloween decorations, show us your photos in the comments!

Decorating for a VGK Christmas? Send us your photos!