VGK Team SUPERlatives from the 2018-19 Season

Superlatives are usually given at the end of a season as a light-hearted way to show the team and those that have supported them how much they have enjoyed the season. It’s always done with great love and maybe a few laughs.

The VGK Ladies took advantage of the opportunity to come up with some of their own. We took both the serious and silly identifiers that allowed our group members to vote on who they felt was worthy of such distinctions. Please join us as we congratulate our 2018-19 season superlative popular vote winners.

VGK Team Superlative Winners:

(Large Photo Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images) (Small Photo: Steve Marcus/LV Sun)

Most Valuable Player: Marc-Andre Fleury

Favorite Player: Marc-Andre Fleury

Most Under-Appreciated Player: Reilly Smith

Most Improved Player: Cody Eakin

Best Forward: Mark Stone

Best Defender: Nate Schmidt

Most Reliable Teammate: Jonathan Marchessault

Biggest Morale Booster: Nate Schmidt

Who would you most want to Spend the Day with?: Nate Schmidt & Marc-Andre Fleury (tied)

Best Dressed: William Karlsson

Best Hair/Beard: William Karlsson

Best Personality: Nate Schmidt

VGK Team Superlative Winners: Funnies

(Large Photo*: Benjamin Hager/LVRJ) (Small Photo*: *Edited

Most Likely To Push You Around: Ryan Reaves

Least Likely To Get In A Fight: William Karlsson

Who would you most likely have as your BFF?: Nate Schmidt

Hottest Player: 1. Deryk Engelland 2. Alex Tuch

Best to take home to meet Mom and Dad?: Deryk Engelland

Celebrity Hall Pass: 1. Deryk Engelland 2. Ryan Reaves 3. Alex Tuch (The ladies feel guilty about Engelland and Reaves being married)

Most likely to be a DC Superhero: Marc-Andre Fleury

Most likely to be a Marvel Superhero: Ryan Reaves & William Karlsson (tied)

Most likely to stand outside an Abercrombie shirtless, even though they don’t work there: Ryan Reaves

Most likely to have taken ballet or figure skating to train for the season: Pierre-Edouard Bellemare & William Karlsson (tied)

Most Fun Dad (now or future): Marc-Andre Fleury (now), Nate Schmidt (future)

Most likely to cry while watching The Notebook: Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

Most likely to use SnapChat Filters: Alex Tuch & Nate Schmidt (tied)

Most likely to Sit on the Iron Throne: Marc-Andre Fleury

Best Accent: Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

Most likely to Iron Their Underwear: Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

Has both Beauty AND Brains: Ryan Reaves and Deryk Engelland (tied)

Most likely to Drop their Phone in the Toilet: Nate Schmidt

Most likely to Tell “Pull My Finger” type Jokes: Nate Schmidt

Cast and Crew Superlatives

Favorite VGK Character: Bark-Andre Furry

Favorite Knights Crew Member/Team: The Golden Knight

Most Entertaining Knights Crew Member: The Drumbots