VGK Ladyfan of the Week: Sonnet Adams

Meet VGK Ladyfan Sonnet Adams! We asked Sonnet to answer some questions about herself and how she became a fan – here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself (family, job, etc)…
I’m originally from Illinois and I’ve lived in five states (Illinois, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada) and four countries (USA, Thailand, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia) and now I’ve been in Las Vegas for over 7 years. I’m a Doctor of Audiology, although I don’t work clinically anymore. I work from home for one of the major hearing aid manufacturers. I have a wonderful husband, Justin, and 4 kids, ages 19, 12, 4, and the baby is turning 1 next week! We are very busy and running in different directions all the time, but we always manage to find time for our Golden Knights!

How did you become a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights?
My first experience with VGK hockey was the first preseason game on September 26, 2017. We enjoyed the game, but my memories of that night are mainly about the incredible feeling of anticipation and excitement in the arena. We knew then that we would enjoy the upcoming season.

Then my husband took our 12 year old daughter to the preseason game on October 1st, leaving the Strip only an hour or so before the 1 October mass shooting took place. An extended family member of ours was there and will never fully recover from the things she witnessed. This horrible tragedy hit our family hard, but the way the community came together afterwards was indescribable… and the Golden Knights were a big part of that. “Our boys” are more than athletes to us- they are a symbol of our community’s resilience and strength.

Are you new to hockey?
Yes! I grew up outside Chicago, so I knew many Blackhawks fans, but my family never followed hockey. When my husband wanted to put a deposit down for season tickets to a sport I have never watched and a team that didn’t yet exist, I thought he was crazy! We did get quarter season tickets and we love it so much that we decided to get full season tickets for next year.

Who is your favorite player, and why?
I wear a Marchessault jersey and he has been my favorite all season… but I have to say, in the postseason, I have become such a Fleury fan! I am so impressed with his skills as a goalie, but I’m also in love with his personality and cheeky sense of humor. He seems so relaxed and mischievous even in the middle of an important game, and I love that! When he did the wave with the crowd, that sealed the deal for me! My next jersey with be #29.

Do you have any game time traditions?
We all “Knight Up” in our VGK gear on game days. If we are watching from home, we stand silently (with our right hands on our hearts, as our 4 year old son commands every time!) during the anthem. Our little boss man also announced recently that we need to do “hugs for goals,” so now he hugs everyone in the room after the Knights score. It’s become a great little tradition- better than the usual high fives.

Do you have any hockey superstitions?
If we are going to the game, I have to wear my hair in two braids. I did it once toward the end of the regular season and we won. My braids are 6-0! I also wear the same C3PO (yes, from Star Wars) socks to every game.

What VGK item you own is your favorite?
We have really gone crazy with our fan cave, which we are calling the “Knight Club,” so we already have quite a collection of posters, pucks, towels, and other things. We’ve been collecting the posters for the games we have attended, but we had missed several early in the season. For Valentine’s Day, my gift to my husband was trying to fill in the gaps of the collection.  I was able to get five of the seven we were missing, mainly by trading with other local fans. In one instance, I was trading a duplicate puck we had for one of the posters we needed. The man I met with gave me the poster we had agreed on, but also gave me another highly desired (pre-season game) poster and the gold military VGK coin that was given out at one of the early games. He had no way of knowing this, but our family has quite a military connection and having this coin is very special to us. My father is former military. My husband is former military and my step-son has just finished his first year of Army ROTC at UNR and will soon be leaving for boot camp. The coin was not something we were looking for, but it now has a very special place in our VGK collection.

Name 3 things outside of hockey that you’re interested in.
I love to read and belong to a little book club where we mainly read novels. We recently read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. It’s intriguing and somewhat disturbing, but fascinating. I also love yoga, but with our busy family, it’s difficult for me to find time to go to classes as often as I would like. Finally, I’m trying to learn more about wine, so I’ve been reading about them and went to a tasting down at the Vegas Valley Winery recently, which I would highly recommend!

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    1. Nice to meet you, too! I am excited to get to know more of our fabulous members through these posts!

  1. What a wonderful way to get to know one another. Sonnet, it sounds like you’ve got your hands full with your kiddos, job, and hobbies. Glad to know more about you.

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