VGK Ladyfan of the Week: Nicole Boland

Meet VGK Ladyfan Nicole Boland!  We asked Nicole a few questions about herself. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself (family, job, etc.)…

I was born and raised in Las Vegas. My husband (also a native) and I just celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary, and we have a 14-month old son named Christian (which was my maiden name). I am a triplet (two boys and me), and they are also fans of VGK. We will actually be celebrating our 40th birthday at a Knights’ game this November, which will make turning 40 that much better!

I am a copy/content writer at a local marketing/advertising agency that I have been with for 15 years. I work with one of my brothers and my mom, so it really is a family affair. I couldn’t ask for much more!

How did you become a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights?

I have always been a fan of hockey. I used to go to Thunder and Wrangler games back in the day, and even though I didn’t really know everything that was going on, I was always in awe of hockey’s fast pace and the pure athleticism of it all. All sports require a tremendous amount of skill, but to me hockey just takes it to another level. Skating on thin blades in bulky gear while maneuvering an itty-bitty puck and being chased down by players equally desperate for a goal is crazy to me. 

My husband is a hockey fan too, so he would watch games and really get into it during the playoffs. When we heard there may be a pro team coming here, we were both really excited. I knew we would be fans from day one no matter what name or team colors they chose. We had no idea what this team would mean for Las Vegas, but we knew we would be supporters regardless.

Who is your favorite player, and why?

Ahhhhh! This is so tough. All of the players have made me proud to be a Knight’s fan, but I have to say that I think my fave player is Fleury. His job has to be the absolute toughest on the team, and he handles it with such grace and joy. I have so much respect for him and appreciate how humble he is. Fleury is a true leader and exactly what every team needs, no matter what profession you’re in. And that smile, c’mon! 

Do you have any game-time traditions?

I don’t have any steadfast game-time traditions really. My husband and I usually watch the games at home because we had a six-month old when it all started so we plan our game viewing around his bedtime. We do always wear Knight’s gear, and make sure Christian dons his VGK onesie and/or pajamas, too! There is always wine as well because the games stress me out! 

Do you have any hockey superstitions?

I don’t have crazy hockey superstitions just yet; however, I am starting to think that the days that Christian doesn’t sport his VGK gear, all hell breaks loose on the ice. Like one game against the Jets my husband put Christian in Jet-blue pants with his Golden Knights onesie and the first period wasn’t pretty. As soon as I changed him into black pants, we scored. Just sayin’…

What VGK item you own is your favorite?

Oh man, I am getting a little out of control with the swag, but I do love my VGK purse. I was hesitant to get it because I had about 12 purses too many already, but I couldn’t resist the chance to rock my Knight’s pride all the time. I also love my sparkly gold sneakers and plastic wine glasses with the finger indents. Genius. 😉

If you can’t attend a game, where is your favorite place to watch and why?

Aside from being at the game, I can’t beat watching the games from home. I started watching at home out of the necessity of having a new baby, but having friends, family and neighbors over to cheer on our Knights is so fun. And to watch Christian clap when we get excited, even if he has no idea why he’s doing it, is awesome. But I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what’s going on.

Name 3 things outside of hockey that you’re interested in.

I am a certified Pilates and yoga instructor, and love teaching! I actually hate being in front of people so the fact that I can be in front of my students while wearing spandex and bending every which way is baffling to me, but God works in mysterious ways right?

I also love to travel. Actually, the travel part sucks, but I love to experience new cultures once I get to my destination. I learn so much more about history and life while traveling than I ever did in a classroom. Of all the places I have been so far, Italy and New Zealand are my favorite, with Bali coming in at a close third. My bucket list isn’t even close to being marked off though!

I love to write and read too. I’ve been writing a book for more than 10 years and swear one day I’ll finish it. I’m in a book club (with my husband, mom and some good friends) and love being transported to different times and circumstances. Plus, we read books I would never have chosen on my own, and I appreciate being introduced to new ideas and genres.

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