VGK LadyFan of the Week: Donna Pynnonen Tomlinson

Meet VGK Ladyfan Donna Pynnonen Tomlinson! We asked Donna to answer some questions about herself and how she became a fan – here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself (family, job, etc)…

I am a proud native Las Vegan, married to my husband, Craig, for 18 years.  Together we have 4 children, ranging from 14-26.  I am a stay at home mom but keep busy as chauffeur and activity director to my youngest daughter, Logan. I enjoy spending time with my family, my tribe of girlfriends and meeting new people.  I’m 51 years young, and a firm believer of living life to its fullest!

How did you become a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights?

Like most of us, I watched in awe over how the Vegas Golden Knights embraced our city after the unthinkable tragedy on Oct. 1. In my book, our boys showed they were GOLDEN long before their winning season.  I would say the actual day I became a huge fan was the first practice I attended.  I had not been to a game and only watched from home.  My daughter, Kayla, was a big fan and I found out about their open practices (which she was not aware of).  I decided to surprise her and took her to City National Arena for a 10:00am practice.  Little did I know, I would get the biggest surprise- I would live and breath VGK from that day forward.

Are you new to hockey?

Yes, I am new to hockey.  I am actually not too into sports at all, other than cheering my children on in each of the sports they have played over the years.  Again, another reason why I have amazed myself with my hockey craze!  I fell in love with the team and then I fell in love with ice hockey.  To say I have been a quick study is an understatement.  I have attended more practices than I can count, read endless articles about our team and each player, and educated myself on the game of hockey.  I have watched multiple videos explaining plays and nuances of the sport.  Thanks to our boys, I am now a “self-proclaimed expert.”

Who is your favorite player, and why?

First off, I love ALL the players on our team!  Fleury, Karlsson and Marchy are a given.  With that said, I am a Haula back girl! #56 has been my favorite since the first game I watched.  I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that made him standout, but he is my guy.  I later found out that he is Finnish, as am I, and happens to drive my exact black Jeep (which I found out during a sendoff).  It was meant to be.  Ha Ha!  I enjoy watching him at practice and in all of our games.  He is always smooth, confident and a heck of a cutie.  Of course, I have gone “full stalker status” and follow him on social media.  I love his relationship and love for his beautiful girl, Kristen.

Do you have any game time traditions?

I host most of our watch parties at my home, which has been made into a mini fortress since playoffs.  Of course, we all deck out in our VGK gear.  The puck doesn’t drop without a very loud “Dilly, Dilly, GO KNIGHTS GO” and a clink with each of our glasses.  We repeat this on power plays, the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd period and any other time we see fit. Absolutely, no negativity allowed!  The excitement we feel can’t be measured after each goal we score, which consists of many high fives and group hugs.  We are completely off the charts when we win!  I love the togetherness VGK has brought to our lives.

Do you have any hockey superstitions?

Funny enough, I usually get caught up in superstitions, but when it comes to our VGK, I just BELIEVE!  I try and keep a positive good vibe all day.  I do say a silent prayer for our boys after the Anthem.

What VGK item you own is your favorite?

This is a hard one for me because I have coined the phrase “AA, Arsenal Anonymous”.  I have a serious addiction.  I can’t go to a practice or any other store for that matter,  without purchasing something.  My favorite item would have to be the Western Conference Championship puck that my daughter, Logan, recently had signed by Jonathon Marchessault.  I also love my first shirt purchased, “Vegas Born,” because it speaks for itself!

Name 3 things outside of hockey that you’re interested in…

I am a huge lover of wine.  I’m hardly a connoisseur but a definite enthusiast.  I enjoy drinking reds.  Currently, red blends are my favorite.  However, nothing is better than a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc this time of year. I also love projects. Whether it be crafting, painting my entire  house, furniture or small spaces.  Pinterest is my best friend.  I would like to someday have my own craft room.  Lastly, I enjoy the gathering of family and friends.  I love hosting parties.  Game nights, Christmas parties, theme parties, pool parties and really anything that I can make into a celebration!

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