VGK Ladies Holiday Service Projects

Las Vegas hockey fans are some of the most caring and generous people out there.  After receiving so much help and support from the Vegas Golden Knights after the tragedy on October 1, 2017, fans often look for a way to “pay it forward.”  So this holiday season, the VGK Ladies have you covered.  We’ve created a list of a few ways you can help out the Las Vegas Community and fellow fans with holiday service projects.

Raise Money for Youth Hockey

This upcoming Monday, November 19th, Mondays Dark will bring together local singers and performers, including VGK’s own “Golden Pipes”, and put on a show to raise $10,000 for the Las Vegas Firefighters Youth Hockey charity.  Tickets to the show are only $20 and are easily the best value in town. Show starts at 9pm at The Space (3460 Cavaretta Ct., Polaris and Harmon). Tickets can be purchased at

Bring Joy to a Family in Hardship

One of our fellow VGK families has been struggling.  They found out last season that three of their four kids have a rare terminal illness.  They’ve spent the last year traveling to California every two weeks to get the needed treatment for their children.  As you can imagine, this is incredibly difficult emotionally and financially.  So the VGK Ladies have decided to work with a group who is seeking to provide moments of Joy this holiday season. Since the parents and kids are big fans of the Golden Knights, we would like to give them a VGK themed gift basket.  This basket will be in conjunction with a game night experience that we are working with MGM to provide.  Any Golden Knights related donations would be greatly appreciated. **Let’s make sure to keep this somewhat of a secret though.  I think they’re too busy to read this post. Please contact Katie for more info: Go fund me link Here.

Oldest son Jacob in his Halloween costume

Care Package for VGK Lady with Cancer

One of our fellow VGK Ladies members has been burdened with stage 4 cancer. We would like to put together a care package to make her fight a little bit more bearable. Here is a great article talking about what types of items are best to give a cancer patient: The Best and Worst Gifts for a Cancer Patient. Any items or cash donations are welcome. Again, let’s keep this a surprise. Please contact Katie for more info: Go Fund Me link Here.

Donate New and Used Items to Child Haven

When children in Las Vegas are removed from their homes and placed in protective custody, they go to Child Haven before being placed with a foster family.  There they are given new clothes, toys, and other essential items (as often their clothes may be contaminated with harmful substances).  Donations of new and very gently used items are always needed to help these children.  If you would like to donate**, please click Here to find the wishlist items for this year. Donations can be brought to Peggy’s Attic at 701 N. Pecos. Donation hours are 10am-2pm M-F. **We recommend donations of new socks and underwear of all sizes, as these are probably donated the least amount.

We know that by focusing on serving others this holiday season that you’ll find peace and joy in your own homes and will feel the joy that the Golden Knights must have felt serving all of us!


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  1. I’d like to suggest another thing for the list. There will fundraiser for 4 Las Vegas charities that will also be fun for families being put on by Community Lutheran Church. Details below:

    Fantastic Christmas concert coming… it will feature a European style Christmas market, Family fun activities, petting zoo area, Santa, and much more! Funds raised will benefit four Las Vegas charities.

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