Top 10 Reasons We Love Marc-Andre Fleury

Without a doubt Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the most beloved players for the Vegas Golden Knights.  He’s incredible in goal night after night, but we fans love him for so many more reasons. So in honor of his 50th career shutout- Here are our top 10 reasons (in no particular order) that we love Marc-Andre Fleury.

  1. His Ninja/Jedi/Yoga Master moves:

    I doubt I even need to say much more about this.  I mean, have you seen some of the saves he’s made?! He is a brick wall. This man can do the splits while sliding across the goal line and simultaneously wave his arm in a magical rainbow shape to stop a puck that’s flying at him at 100mph!  And let’s not forget his juggling act in game 1 of the 2018 playoffs… crazy. 10 Reasons We Love Marc-Andre Fleury

  2. He doesn’t take himself too seriously:

    After making saves, MAF often yells “Woohoo” to celebrate his success. And when asked why he left mid-period during a game against Vancouver due to an undisclosed injury, Fleury joked “I was in net and I just realized that ‘Days of Our Lives’ was coming on.  I said, ‘Oh, jeez, I didn’t DVR it.  So I had to get undressed and rushed home.  My DVR wasn’t working, so I stayed a couple days at home to make sure I wasn’t missing any of it.”

  3. He’s great with kids:

    He is always willing to meet and sign autographs for young fans. When he got to pick a song to play during the NHL All Star Save Streak Competition, he chose the Disney song “Let It Go” because his daughters like the movie. He has even been seen pushing his daughters around the rink on a chair, showing them the time of their lives.  I’d be willing to bet that he can throw a mean tea party…

  4. He’s humble: 

    During interviews Flower gives more credit to his team than himself and you can frequently see him give thanks to the post after it gives him a little help with stopping a goal.

  5. He’s a leader and a team player:

    Fleury is always cheering on his teammates.  When they’ve made a good play during a game, he’s the first to yell out praise. By telling jokes, making funny gestures, and leading by example, MAF is able to help his teammates stay loose during the game which enables them to play their best.

  6. His Smile!  10 reasons we love Marc-Andre Fleury

  7. He did “The Wave” with the crowd:

    How much of a badass do you have to be to follow what’s happening in the crowd and still shut out a team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?!!

  8. He’s a prankster:

    From popping out of hockey bags to moving every piece of furniture from a teammates hotel room into the hall, Marc-Andre knows how to play a prank.  Not sure if he does it just to amuse himself, or if he’s trying to keep the team atmosphere light.  Whatever the reason, it’s incredibly entertaining for us fans and we love him for it.

  9. He’s classy:

    Not only does he keep his negative thoughts about the other team to himself, but after winning the Stanley Cup, he carried it over to Matt Murray, and symbolically passed the torch to his younger goaltender teammate.

  10. He loves the game:

    Flower is like a little kid who can’t wait to get home from school just so he can spend every last waking hour playing hockey with his friends.  It’s what he was born to do, and he shows it.  He wants the puck and he would risk life and limb to make a save.  With every smile, every daring blue line poke check, and every “I’d like to see you try” face, you know that to Fleury, hockey is the most fun thing he could do…on the earth. 10 Reasons We Love Marc-Andre Fleury

  I know, I know,  its a top 10 list.  But it’s Flower and I couldn’t resist…   

#11. DONUTS:

The only man in the world who frequently enables 18,000 people to get a dozen free Krispy Kreme donuts just for “doing his thing.”  And for that Fleury, we thank you!

Marc-Andre Fleury: Humble. Supportive. Fun-loving. Badass.


Just a few more…

#12. That time he tickled Blake Wheeler’s ear during a scrum because he “felt left out.”

#13. When he got all embarrassed and giggled because the cameras caught him tickling Blake’s ear.

#14. When he scared the crap out of all of us by rushing 1/4 of the way down the ice to stop an opponent on a breakaway…. and of course was successful.

10 Reasons We Love Marc-Andre Fleury

Sorry.  I’m done.

#15. When he and his wife dressed up like trailer trash (can I say that?) for Halloween.

okay, seriously that was the last one.

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