The Vegas Golden Knights Lost The Game, But They Found Themselves.

Vegas Golden Knights lost 2-1 to the Edmonton Oilers tonight.  But I gotta say, I’m not angry about it.  Tonight’s game felt like home, I.e. it felt like last year’s team was back.  I know that’s pretty abstract, but let me elaborate…

The First Line was “On” Tonight

Alright it wasn’t Marchessault’s best game; he’s been off his game for a few games now. But at different points in this game it looked like Reilly Smith finally found his groove.  He was taking initiative offensively to get the puck to the net and he was fighting hard on defense.  He may not have scored tonight, but his stick handling and positioning were right on (especially third period). And let’s not forget about Karlsson’s beautiful goal! Amazing that he was able to get the puck to curve around the defender and goalie like that.

Ups and Downs Throughout

Not everything about last year was great. In fact, it was pretty typical for us to have a slow first or second period and then come out fighting in the third.  It was like that tonight. We started out strong offensively, creating plays and taking lots of great shots, but after an amazing goal by Connor McDavid, we lost a little momentum and finished the first period on a low note. Second period was better.  Not as many shots on either side, but both teams were really fighting to find a way to score.  Conversely, both teams were also playing great D.  Third period was a typical 2017/2018 period. The Knights played fast and determined.  The first line in particular stepped up to create scoring chances and our blue line was taking shots left and right.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised the Knights weren’t able to “find a way to win” like they often did last year. It certainly wasn’t for lack of effort or solid scoring chances.

They’re Finally Back

All in all, this game shows me that the Knights have officially crawled out of the 20 game hole they were in. With each game different players and lines find their confidence and chemistry.  They’ll have off days for sure (like Eakin and the rest of the second line tonight), but with each win or close game they start to remember the things they do well and they build on it.

So I’m excited for the rest of the season.  I believe we’re going to keep getting better and we’ll be back in the playoffs ready to deliver some more spankings this year!….. Maybe not to the Kings, since they probably won’t be there….. but still.