The Brad May Bingo/Drinking Game

As we head back to home ice tonight, we decided to make this game officially, official. We all know that personality is what hooks us. Boy, does Brad May fit the bill. We miss him when they are away, and we love to tease him when he’s home. Thank you to one of our VGK Ladies, Vicky Brogan for making this game up; we certainly enjoy it and we hope you find it as enjoyable and laugh out loud fun as we have.

Official Rules to the Brad May Drinking Game

Step 1. Find your favorite beverage, open, and have it ready to go. Make sure it’s full no matter what it is; you’re going to need it. 

Step 2. Get comfortable and ready your position for ultimate game viewing. 

Step 3. Perform a sound check. Make sure all of your audio equipment is in full functioning order. This game will not work and you will NOT get drunk if you do not hear Brad May.

Step 4. Print out the attached game card to help you remember the rules.

Step 5. Each time Brad May says one of the phrases on the scorecard, you take a drink.

Step 6. You play the game until you either throw up or Brad May is done talking because it really is knight night time.

Don’t feel like getting wasted? Play Bingo instead!

To print the card below, right-click on the image, save to your computer, re-open the image, then click “print” from the “File” tab. 

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  1. Great idea, but you forgot the phrase “no doubt about it” ???? thanks for being such an involved group!

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