Fan Spotlight: Shannon Walker

Tell us about yourself…

I was born in Redwood City on the San Francisco peninsula. I’ve been
married to my husband Mark for 27 years.

We moved out of the Bay Area to Vegas 6 years ago with our two cats. At
first it was a bit of adjustment, but we love living in Vegas and the
low humidity been very beneficial for my genetic condition,
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome hEDS. My parents have also joined us here.

Who is your favorite player?

I don’t really have one player who is my favorite. I love them all! I
just couldn’t choose one player for my jersey. Instead I decided to
honor the whole team, so my jersey says: KNIGHT TIME.
I’ve also Knighted Up my wheelchair with VGK fabric on the cushions and
armrests and a small flag. I’m hoping to get a new wheelchair backpack
which I can cover with patches, now that I’ve been inspired by the
jacket events this group has been doing. Someday I’d sure love to get
spinning rims on my wheels that feature one of the VGK logos made out of
metal — would be cool if I could afford to do it! ????

I love the VGK ladies group because it’s a fun and comfortable place to
discuss hockey, and very accepting of those who are new to the sport. I
also really enjoy being inspired by all the creative & crafty ideas
which are posted. I wish I could attend more of the events, because when
I do, I’ve always enjoyed it so much.

Do you have any game superstitions?

The one superstition I have is that I have to listen to our goal song,
“Vegas Lights” by Panic! at the Disco, at least twice in our car if I am
going to T-Mobile arena for a game.

Do you have any game-time traditions?

No, but my husband and I do have one post-game tradition we’ve started if
the game ends in a shut out. We always get our 2 dozen donuts and donate
them to a fire station.

If I’m not able to attend a game, I try to attend a watch party with
friends if it isn’t too far away.

How did you become a fan?

When I was attending college at San Jose State University I had my own
interview show on the college radio station. SJ shark’s were about to
play their first game in the new arena. Even though I knew almost
nothing about hockey I called their publicity office and asked if I
could interview some players. One of the players I interviewed is now
their current GM, Doug Wilson. I did get to attend a couple games there,
but I didn’t get into hockey or follow that team.

It wasn’t until after the Golden Knights started their preseason in our
inaugural year that I even watched another hockey game. But I was really
hooked when I saw how VGK embraced the community after 1 Oct and also
after watching our first home game. There’s a deep bond our team will
always have with Vegas.

I’ve really enjoyed learning about hockey and becoming a passionate fan.
I’ve made a lot of friends through mutual love of the team. Many nights
I am unable to sleep due to chronic pain, but being able to chat, watch
hockey videos, read articles, and listen to interviews helps keep me
distracted from pain and let’s me immerse myself in what I love.
Besides the Knights, I’m also a very passionate fan of the Chicago
Wolves. It’s been especially fun to start seeing those players moving up
and playing with the Knights.

It’s been a difficult start to the season for me this year. I had a
severe fall and was unable to use the home opener ticket I saved up to
buy, which broke my heart. I hope I’ll be able to attend a Knights game before the end of the year.

3 things outside of hockey that you’re interested in?

Is there really anything outside of hockey? ????????????
It’s been harder for me to get places and do things because of my
chronic illness limitations, and many things I used to enjoy I’ve had to
give up. So right now I’d say what interests me most is trying to form
more friendships and having deeper connections with people… and hockey
has been main way I’ve been able to do that.

3 thoughts on “Fan Spotlight: Shannon Walker

  1. Shannon is a wonderful lady and has the best spirit about her! She’s a fan we all hope to be, positive, optimistic, and full of hope.
    Thanks for the interview so we could all get to know her better.

  2. What a really great article on shannon she is truly a fan that is so knowledgeable I was quite impressed one morning when we all met for lunch at one of the local bars!
    I wish for her continued success with her health and hope that she can attend a game soon go get them shannon, go nights go????????????

  3. SHANNON is an inspiration to me & should be to all who suffer from chronic illness. She is full of information about hockey & other important issues. She keeps me informed throughout the day about our great Vegas Golden Knights team & different meet n greets which I appreciate so much as with working, I miss out on a lot of functions. This was a very interesting article & I even learned some things I didn’t know about SHANNON. I value our friendship with her & her husband Mark and only hope to spend more time with them in this new year. Thank you.

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