How Vegas Golden Knights’ Players Get Mentally Prepared For A Game

Ever wonder how Vegas Golden Knights’ players are able to get themselves psyched up for a game, even when dealing with stressors at home? We asked William Carrier how he will get himself mentally prepared for the game after his baby is born in March (12th), and how other players deal with similar matters. This was his response:

Carrier: That’s the way I do it, Routine… Guys were dealing with stuff off the ice every day. People don’t realize it, but it’s normal life. But me, it’s when I’m around the guys, it kind of gets me ready for it. I play soccer before, and it gets me into game day where I really forget everything about what’s going on off the ice.

Some guys are different. Some play music and just quiet down and get ready for it. Or some of the guys are really loose, like me or Marchy, where we fool around or play tricks; Flower does the same thing. Some of the guys are just quiet. So whatever gets you ready.

Vegas Golden Knights getting ready for a game with a routine game of Sewer Ball.
VGK Twitter

VGK Ladies: What does Coach do to encourage that?

Carrier: Not much. No. They don’t do much. [Guys] are really good at just dealing with what’s on the ice, and you know, we get some stuff. You play 4 games in 6 nights and you’re tired. Coach gets that. Or guys that have kids that get sick and can’t go to school and everyone’s sick at home; so we’ll get breaks from coach, especially guys with kids, or wives… or family problems. A lot of times you’ll hear guys are out for personal reasons, stuff like that, but guys have lives to do too.

We also asked if players had performance coaches to help with the mental aspect of the game. He said he didn’t, but some guys do. He emphasized that the routines before the game were the most important- like the soccer game the guys play, or their pre-game naps.

It’s important for fans to remember that players are people too. They have normal lives and normal problems at home to deal with. They have babies, and weddings, and family issues that can make them just as tired as a 4 game road trip. They do their best to be 100% for every game, but it’s just not always possible. They will have tough days and the team WILL lose games. But they have an amazing organization and coach who is understanding and has their back. Perhaps this is why the Vegas Golden Knights’ players perform so well here as compared to their other teams? Either way, Go Knights Go! #CupIn3

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