Marc-Andre Fleury: Acrobat, Entertainer, Wall.

The Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Los Angeles Kings Sunday night 5-2 in a game that showed just how powerful the Knights can be this season. The Knights scored on all three power plays, every player from the Pacioretty-Stastny-Stone line scored, and Coach Gallant earned his 250th career win. The game was full of highlights and amazing shots from both sides. But the real star of the show was Marc-Andre Fleury and his right pad.

Take a look at this game highlight video and notice how many incredible saves Fleury makes.


Fleury deserved at least 5 “Fleury, Fleury, Fleury” chants this game.

But Flower doesn’t just make saves; he also checks players and takes shots! Take a look:

(Danny Webster on Twitter)

Some might say Golden Knights fans “Need to calm down. You’re being too loud.” But how can you stay quiet when you’ve got Marc-Andre Fleury as a goalie. He’s acrobatic, entertaining, and a brick wall. So to the haters, all Fleury has to say is “OOOH, look what you made me do.” (Nod to Taylor Swift and her covered banner hanging in the Staples Center)

Looking Ahead

*The Knights play on Tuesday and Thursday @7pm in T-Mobile Arena against the Nashville Predators and the Ottawa Senators, respectively.

*Vegas only needs 2 more wins to reach 100 regular season wins. If they reach this goal within the next 13 games, they will be second only to the Ottawa Senators for the fastest team to reach 100 wins, and only the 4th franchise ever to reach 100 wins in their first 200 games.

*Official Vegas Golden Knights watch party at the Las Vegas Ballpark on October 19th when the Knights play the Penguins. Admission is only $5 with all proceeds going to the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation.