DIY Vegas Golden Knights Keychains

I received the cutest keepsake gift, from my 7 year old: a keychain made with a Shrinky Dink sheet. I love how it captures his hand writing and drawings at this moment in his childhood. He completed the gift in school; his teacher assisted her students in completing their Shrinky Dink key chains. They wrote messages, drew pictures, and stamped handprints. These would make a great keepsake of your child’s artwork/words, or you can make your own Vegas Golden Knights design, for a custom VGK keychain.

Supply List:

Shrinky Dink Sheets (Ordered online from Amazon or Walmart): Find those on amazon Here.

Lanyard Hooks w/ Key Ring Circle OR Key Chains


Colored Pencils or Sharpie Markers

Hole Punch

Ruler (Optional)

Clear Coat Spray (Optional)

Cookie Sheet

Foil or Parchment Paper

Conventional Oven

Most of your supplies you can find at home, your local craft store, or online.

Step One

Cut your Shrinky Dink sheet down so it will be small enough to turn into key chain size. We cut our sheet into 4 in X 5 in rectangles. The rectangle will shrink down smaller once you bake it (In future steps).

Step Two

If your little one is going to write a note, use your red and blue colored pencils to draw lines to resemble a sheet of notebook paper. You will want to do this on the rough side.


Getting creative, you can draw your recipient’s favorite Vegas Golden Knights logo, player’s number, etc.

Step Three

Round the edges of your Shrinky Dink with your scissors, or they will be pretty sharp after you bake it.

Step Four

Have your little one add their creativity to the Shrinky Dink; add their name, and the year. After my son and I completed our project, I thought of a good idea: write a note on the top and leave the bottom blank for a little drawing.

Make a keychain out of your child's art to preserve it or give as a gift!

Step Five

Using the hole punch, punch a hole near the edge of the rectangle. This is where the key chain will hang from. If you get too far from the edge you won’t be able to put the key ring on the Shrinky Dink, but if you do it too close to the edge, the key ring could break the Shrinky Dink (confusing right!?). For the notebook looking sheet, my son had the idea to poke three holes to resemble a sheet of paper. 

Step Six

Pre-Heat oven to 325 degrees. Place Shrinky Dink on a foil or parchment lined cookie sheet. Once the oven is pre-heated, place the tray in the oven and set the timer for 3 minutes.

It is really cool to watch the baking process. Once they get heated up they will start to fold up, this might make you want to open the oven and press them down, but they will fall back down on their own. They will fold down even if you think they might be stuck together.

Once the timer goes off, place them out to cool. It doesn’t take long.

Step Seven (Optional)

We decided to spray the sheets with a clear coat because we used colored pencils and sharpies, and I was scared the marker might wipe off. I think it would probably be fine to do without. 

Step Eight

Hook your lanyard clip through the hole and attach a key chain ring. You could also use a keychain that has a key ring attached to a chain.

DIY Vegas Golden Knights Keychain

We made these keychains for Father’s Day, but they would be wonderful gifts for any occasion.

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  1. Fun and great idea! What was the size of the keyhain once it had been shrunk? I know you started with a 4X5 rectangle and it shrinks to about a third of that size. Thank you!

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