It’s a Very Golden Day for the IIHF Men’s World Championships!

Today was a great day for the Vegas Golden Knights’ players competing in the IIHF Men’s World Championships. All 4 Knights scored goals and helped get the win for their teams. Three of the Knights even made the top 30 scoring leaders for the entire competition, and one scored the game winning goal!

Top 30 Scoring Leaders:

Nikita Gusev has been showing his skills as a part of Team Russia with 2 goals and 3 assists, becoming the 7th best scoring leader in the competition. Shea Theodore scored his first goal of the competition, bringing his points total to 4 and tying for #19 among scoring leaders. Jonathan Marchessault scored his second goal and brought his total points to 3. He’s tied on the list at #28 today. All players have only played 3 games so far and average at least 1 point per game.

Birthday Goals (The new form of Birthday Spankings)

It’s Mark Stone’s 27th birthday today! Instead of receiving a gift, he decided to GIVE one to his team by scoring the game winning goal with only 1.8 seconds left in the third period. Pretty incredible. This gives Stone 2 points in the 3 games so far.

(Photo from Twitter: @VGK_Buzz)

So pretty much the VGK players are killing it for Canada and Russia, and making their Vegas fans very proud!