From The Room With A View

When one steps off of the elevators, the ambiance and energy of Hyde Lounge greets you at the door. The dark, sleek walls serve as the map to either side of fun; you get to choose. Patrons can purchase the Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets or reserved seating. Either way, it literally is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” in a modern lounge.

Photo by Amelinda B Lee
Map of Hyde Lounge. Image from Hyde T-Mobile One Sheet Gold

Standing Room Only

If you choose SRO, at times your view can be obstructed because you are standing around like you’re at a bar. However, you can choose to watch the action on any one of the TV’s, or get close to the edge on the teetering triangle (loft) that juts out overtop the arena floor. This serves up an amazing LIVE view of the action. But most importantly, you feel the floor move underneath your feet from the cheers dished out by thousands of fans. For tickets that are severely discounted from standard T-Mobile seats, this option can be a great one. 12/31/18: SRO tickets are only $49 for the game on New Years Day!

View from the top of the Grey Goose Loft (Triangle).
View from the lower part of the Grey Goose Loft triangle.
Bar in SRO section. Photo from

Reserved Seating

Along the Reserved Seating adventure, there are many seating choices and options. It will cost you $125 a tix, plus a $25 food/beverage minimum/pp. By reserved, I mean a comfortable place for you to sit your tooshie and be able to watch the game live as it unfolds, or from one of the TV’s purposefully placed right next to you.

Reserved Seating view. Photo from Hyde Lounge Facebook.
Reserved Seating. Photo from

Cost v. Benefit

More than anything, it’s the “feeling”… (someone cue Black-eyed Peas here). When sports enthusiasts go to Hyde, they do so because it is economical and you are still able to capture that feeling and energy Vegas Hockey brought to the table. You want a seat at it, but it can get pricey. What Hyde Lounge offers is that experience without the hefty price tag of the chairs, where admit it, they are all smooshed in like sardines anyway. For less than what you pay for normal arena seats, you get to watch the game in an amazing atmosphere with multiple bars, a Hyde DJ, great food, bottle service, and even living room type seating by a fireplace. It’s a lounge and game arena in one.

Here’s the best part: if you have children, they can attend in this area too. So that means when you have a gaggle of children, you can still afford to bring them and make it a KNIGHT of family fun. I have to say, as a mom-preneur, I’m always watching my pennies and if I can bring my kids with me for a more affordable option, then sign me up! During the Stanley Cup final last summer, it could cost between $500-$900 to get a seat down in the arena, and that was in the 200 sections. Hyde remained less than that at $375 a ticket, but sold out quickly. 

Customer Service

The last piece that seals the deal for me is customer service. YOU WILL NOT FIND A WATCH PARTY, home party, or bonfire with the amount of pleasantry that you will find in the Hyde lounge. That is worth it’s weight in GOLD. Everyone is helpful, attentive, kind, respectful, funny, kind, etc. Everything you want from someone in the customer service field. Did I say kind? Customer service is what sells me on a place. Hyde staff is attentive to their customer, the loyal VGK fan. 

What more could you want from a hockey game experience?

Answers to commonly asked questions about Hyde:

YES, you still get the puck, poster, bobble-thing, towel, etc. even if you attend in Hyde.

NO, you do not have to stand in line with everyone else outside of T-Mobile. You get to enter the arena through a special entrance reserved for Hyde Lounge ticket holders!

NO, you do not have to share your arm rest/cup holder with a stranger

YES, you can drink up there. In fact, you get to order your drinks from one of four bars located in Hyde.

YES, they have their own bathrooms. And no, the lines aren’t crazy for them.

YES, you can order delicious food

YES, children can attend during hockey games

Buy Tickets:

To buy tickets for a Vegas Golden Knights game at Hyde Lounge, go to for Standing Room Only, or email for table/seat reservations.

*The views expressed here are an opinion. You may not agree with them, but hopefully it provides insight when making seating choices that fit your life and pocketbook.

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  1. I’m thinking of doing this for Valentine’s day but only SRO is available as far as I can tell…hesitant to spend the money to potentially have an obstructed view…worth it or no?

    1. Depending on the price I think it’s worth it. I watched the last game from SRO and really liked the view. You can see the player movement better than the normal arena seats.

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