How to Get Game Day Glitter To Last All Night

Apart from the traditional hair and makeup for game day, it can be fun to add gold glitter to your face to take it up a notch and really show your support for the greatest team in the NHL.

Here are some tips to not only make your glitter really stand out, but also make it last all night!

Tip #1: Only use Glitter that is meant for your skin!

Don’t use typical craft glitter.  It can irritate your skin and make you look like you tried to cover a rash for the game.  Not cute.  You can buy makeup glitter or use the glitter that comes in face painting kits.

Tip #2: Use Petroleum Jelly to make it stick.

After doing your makeup, spread Vaseline (or similar product) on the part of your face that you want the glitter to stick to, then lightly tap the glitter on to that area.  The vaseline will make the glitter last all night and it won’t irritate your skin.

Tip #3: Remove with Baby Oil.

If you try to wash your face without removing the glitter first, you may end up pushing the glitter in to your pores.  So before you wash your face, put baby oil on to a few cotton balls and gently wipe the glitter off.  Baby oil will make the glitter come off easily and will leave your skin feeling soft as well.

Tip #4: Clean up with a Lint Roller.

As much as the petroleum jelly keeps the glitter on your face, I don’t think there’s a product on this earth that will stop it from getting everywhere else as well.  But hey, it’s Vegas, you’re supposed to have glitter all over your car, house, pillow, husband, dog, etc.  It’s fine….

But if you feel like maybe you want to clean it up after your night of fabulousness, a lint roller is a great tool to get the job done.  And yes, I did get this tip from some men in a VGK fan group.


Have you used glitter on your face before?  Show us your game day look!