The Fight That Initiated Nic Hague Into The NHL

The Vegas Golden Knights beat the San Jose Sharks 5-1 last night in the Sharks first home game of the season. Playing the Sharks the previous 2 games, the Knights won 5-1 and 4-1, proving this year’s team is not to be underestimated. With Nate Schmidt, Alex Tuch, and Cody Eakin out on injury, the Knights replaced their positions with rookies, and were still able to seamlessly play their game, showing depth and versatility. If Vegas continues to play like they did in the past 3 games, they may end up at the top of the league this year.

Nic Hague was one of the 2 rookies who made his NHL debut this season. Though he didn’t score in his first game like his roommate, Cody Glass, he was properly initiated into the NHL with a big fight that landed him a 10-minute game misconduct penalty.

The Fight

As usual, when the Knights have a big lead on the Sharks, the Sharks’ players retaliate by starting fights. We don’t know why Sorenson decided to wait until after a Sharks goal, but him shoving Hague in the back is what started the fight. Take a look:


Oh wait, it looks like Mark Stone is trying to tell us something…

(Twitter: @nhlgifs)

What’s that? Watch it from a different angle and pay attention to Fleury? Okay.

Here’s the FULL fight video from the San Jose feed. Notice how Fleury subtly participates in the fight at the very beginning, when Karlsson and Thornton start to separate from the group. Also, Fleury gives San Jose fans a special treat at the end. *Ignore the bitter commentary from the San Jose announcers*


Things to love about this fight:

*Karlsson participated. He doesn’t fight. This was big. And he got a 10-minute game misconduct.

*Karlsson’s Hair Flip

*Fleury… just Fleury.

*Engelland climbing over the ref to pull Goodrow’s jersey over his head.

*Smith’s brief smile during the fight.

*Marchessault’s rush to protect his buddy Karlsson

*Hague getting sent back to the locker room in his first NHL game. Well done kid.

Let’s hope all games this season are as fun to watch as the Knights playing the Sharks.