Golden Knights VS Penguins Recap, with Videos

The game last night against the Pittsburgh Penguins was one of the most exciting games this season. It was a high scoring game against a team that could very well be the Knights’ contenders in the Stanley Cup Final, should they make it that far this season.


The night started out with a surprise from the team: a new pregame show that brought back “the sword in the stone.” Fans had been waiting for a new show all season as the current one was a little lack-lustre, to put it nicely. But the new show didn’t disappoint. With a surprise cameo by Bill Foley, the show reminded us all what it means to be a “Knight”. The show brought back the drama of the pregame show from last year that makes fans feel like they’re about to witness the final showdown in a movie like “Miracle” or “Rocky”. It definitely raised the energy level of T-Mobile and made the fans root for their team even more. Well done, Mr. Foley. (Video in our next post)

1st Period

The first period of this game showcased the offensive ability of the Golden Knights. After giving up a goal to the Penguins right off the bat, the Knights responded with 3 of their own, and several more great chances. Check out these video recaps of Tuch’s two breakaways and the amazing goals by Theodore, Pacioretti, and Lindberg.

Tuch’s 1st breakaway.

Theodore breaking the power play curse.

Tuch’s 2nd Breakaway.

Pacioretti from Stastny.

Lindberg from Carpenter. Lindberg’s 2nd of the season

Amazing save by Fleury.

Yeah, that was all in the 1st period. People were going nuts. The energy inside of T-mobile was like that of the play-offs!

2nd Period

This period was a serious roller coaster. The Penguins dominated at first, completely taking away the Knights’ lead with 2 quick goals. Then they scored a third and I almost lost my mind. Luckily, the goal was overturned because the puck had been kicked in. Then Fleury made an amazing save that gave the Knights some momentum to feed off of. And that’s when Marchessault showed up to the party, scoring 2 goals to close out the second period. Take a look:

Quick Penguins goal.

Crosby is left unguarded and scores the 2nd goal of the period.

Penguins score again… sort of.

Goal was kicked in and overturned.

Amazing Fleury save. Again.

Marchessault scores.

Marchy scores again.

3rd Period

The third period wasn’t quite as eventful as the other two. Just a Karlsson goal, a Crosby breakaway shut down by Fleury, another amazing save by Fleury, and a hat-trick by Marchessault. No big deal.

Karlsson deflects a shot by Miller, breaking his own scoring drought.

I love Fleury.

Marchessault scores an empty-netter to get his hat-trick.

We don’t have video of this, but apparently Reaves joined the action by throwing his helmet on to the ice along with all the hats.

Crazy Game

There you have it. Such an amazing game that needed to be seen and not just read about. Hopefully this will continue to boost the level of play that the Knights deliver for us. If it does, we’ll be looking at Stanley Cup Final #2!