Golden Knights And Sharks Fight It Out In A Preview Of The Playoff Series

Last night the Vegas Golden Knights faced the San Jose Sharks in a very heated game between the two rivals. Several fights broke out as the game went on, and even the most easy-going players joined in. Regardless of what team you’re rooting for, the upcoming playoff series between the VGK and the SJS is sure to be entertaining.

Let’s take a look at the Fight Highlights of the game.

The first major fight starts off with a hit by Carrier that ends up in a whole team fight:

This continues as Thornton tries to instigate and antagonize Reaves:

The refs incorrectly punish Reaves more than Thornton and this gets both teams fired up. Watch as Kane tries to provoke Smith, who usually lets things like this slide:

My thoughts exactly, Stone.

Then we have Sharks’ players trying to get some good hits on Reaves, only to find out why you don’t mess with a lion in the jungle:

I think we can all agree that several Sharks’ players could stand to have their faces rubbed against Reaves’s butt.

And finally, let’s check out two of Carrier’s fights for the night:

Fighting is one of the things that makes hockey so much fun to watch.

I can’t wait to see the first round of the playoffs because we’re sure to see more fights between these two teams.