get your game face on!

so you’ve got all the gear the arsenal has to offer (or that your budget will allow), and you’re ready to storm the fortress or watch party on monday, but you are still unsure of how you’re gonna wear your pride on your face? never fear! we here at vgk ladies have put together a game-day makup tutorial that’s simple, fun, and most of all – easily duplicatable for any of you who’d like to give it a go!

there are two videos. the first is a full 20-minute tutorial where i include tips, application tricks, and makeup artist secrets that i use every day. it’ll probably be worth the watch if you’re not super experienced with makeup application, or if you want to learn some hot takes and new tricks to put in your beauty arsenal. Check it out:


the second is a super-speedy 4.5 minute version with no sound, just visuals and captions of which products I used. it’ll give you the idea of what to do and what to use to bust out a good look, without all of the chatter.


whether you’re hitting a watch party, or donning your full regalia at t-mobile arena, hopefully this little tutorial will help you be even more game ready as we cheer on the vgk in their quest for the cup!

looking for something a little more… extra? say no more! we’ll have another tutorial ready for game 2! go knights go!


*post and tutorial by ashley dyal, former professional makeup artist. currently makeup artist to no stars, but knowledgeable enough. if you are a vgk lady with the skills to throw down, we’d love a tutorial from you, contact us to set it up!

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