Fan Spotlight: Susan Chiacchiaretti

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a retired 65yr Nevada native, three months shy of being a Las Vegas native, as my children remind me all the time. I’ve been married to my husband Gary for 32 years. We live on an acre on a country road in the middle of town in a small house attached to my mother’s house with our three furry “boys” Thor, Saint, and Fleury. I am caregiver to my 92yr old mother Mary and my 69yr old brother Tim, who has MS. We are all big Knights fans; I’m just the “crazy fan”.

How did you become a fan of the Knights?

I became a fan when I started seeing the effect the team was having on our community. Growing up here was a wonderful experience. We were a small, very friendly town where people cared about their neighbors and were always there with a helping hand or encouragement. In the 80’s we started to become too corporate, and then too many new residents too fast. People just became divided, engulfed in their own lives. Sadly, October 1st was a wake up call for all of Vegas. It made people realize we’re not indestructible. We need each other. The Golden Knights were a crucial part of this change. People who had nothing in common found togetherness with love for the team. They united us, for that alone I will be forever grateful .

Who is your favorite player?

Favorite player, that’s a hard one. I love all our players. I love the “game” so I try to not get attached to any one player so as to not be upset if they ever get traded. But if I had to pick just one, it would be Deryk Engelland. In my opinion he was instrumental in reuniting “my” town . My hope is he will never leave Vegas. I want him to play, but when the time comes for him to put up his skates, I want him to move up in the organization and never leave.

Do you have any game-time traditions?

I have no game time traditions. I wear Knights “clothes” everyday so there’s no need to change for game day.

Any hockey superstitions?

My only superstition appears to be: Don’t go to a game. LOL!
I’ve only been to two games: game five of the Stanley Cup, and a game last February against the Coyotes…we lost both. ☹️

Where is your favorite place to watch the game?

My favorite, and only, place to watch the game is at home in my chair. I love to actually “watch” the game. I don’t want to socialize or get distracted. When the Knights play, I want to see it. I fix dinner for everyone six nights a week; so if it’s an early game, I fix and deliver food in between periods.

What are your hobbies outside of hockey?

I really don’t have any interests outside of hockey. I have a Cricut and a craft printer, so I spend any spare time I have making customized Knights swag for myself and family.
I went to a patch event and had a great time, so I am going
to try and go to more VGK Ladies events in the future.

Any special talents?

I guess I would say I’m super creative. My imagination is crazy. I just seem to have the ability that if I can imagine it, I can make it. Fortunately it works out most of the time. My husband biggest fear is when I say “I was thinking”… LOL

What’s your favorite thing about being in the VGK Ladies group?

Where to start… the group has the most wonderful, caring members! The interaction is amazing!
Hockey, or should I say the Knights, yes we post pictures “of” them, us “with” them and anything around them. Pictures of the things we make or buy that involve VGK. But most of all we talk, or should I say comment, on everything and anything pertaining to our lives with the Knights.

But I have to say, the best thing for me personally that came from VGK Ladies is a lady I met in the group. I don’t get out much due to my responsibilities, but Darleen Petersen and I started out just commenting back and forth on posts, then we met when she joined us for Aviators game. Later I took my mother and joined Darleen at a patch event where I was able to meet a lot more amazing women. My mother talked about how much fun she had for weeks, which was wonderful because at 92, her memory is really bad. Because of the VGK Ladies I’m starting to feel a little more socially involved. So Thank You VGK Ladies and all of the other lovely ladies of the group. You have changed my life.