Engelland’s Beer “Not Competing With Reavo”

Deryk Engelland recently announced a partnership with Chicago Brewing Company of Las Vegas in the release of a new beer called The King of Engelland, New England IPA. The IPA will be sold to benefit Engelland’s Vegas Born Heroes Foundation, but unlike Ryan Reaves beer, it doesn’t belong to Deryk.

“It’s not my beer. I’m not competing with Reavo,” says Deryk. “New England IPA, was the name and they wanted to partner up with our foundation. So 50% from each beer bought goes to the foundation.  I think they made one batch, so I don’t know how many gallons is actually in one of those things. So they’re partnering with our foundation and hopefully it goes really well and they’ll want to make another batch. But right now we’re going to sell that batch and it’s helping out the foundation.”

Half the proceeds of every pint sold goes to benefit Engo’s Heroes Foundation. Right now the beer can only be found at Chicago Brewing Co. (2201 S. Fort Apache Road), where it is on tap. So drink up Vegas, and don’t forget to tag the foundation in your social media posts (@engosheroes).