DIY Vegas Golden Knights Wreath

This upcoming hockey season, show your team spirit by making your own Vegas Golden Knights wreath and proudly displaying it on your front door!  Making your own wreath is easy.  All you need is a wreath form, fabric, and scissors.  Just follow the instructions in the link below, but use official Golden Knights fabric and/or VGK colors. You can also add hockey or Knights embellishments like flags, sticks or pucks. Have fun and be creative!

See the basic wreath instructions here.


*You can find the wire wreath form at most craft stores and Walmarts.

*A fat quarter is just 1/4 yard of fabric.  Fabric stores often sell these pre-cut.

*The sticks and pucks in the picture above are secured by screwing them to a thin piece of wood.


Special thanks to  VGK Ladies Darla Jacobs Coleman (black and red wreath) and Amy Hochfelder Beaulieu (gold wreath) for sharing pictures of their wreaths with us!