DIY No Sew Black and Gold Newborn Tutu

Little girls in tutus are such a sweet thing. Tutus come in multiple colors and lengths, and they are simple to create. The hardest part is figuring out what size you want and how much tulle you will need. This black and gold tutu is super special because it was created for a family announcing the birth of their new baby girl.


1 Roll of gold tulle 

1 Roll of black tulle


Black ribbon

Piece of cardboard 

Roll of paper towels

(Hobby Lobby has a large selection of tulle, various colors and glitter ones as well.)

Step One: Cutting Your Tulle

First you will need to figure out the waist and length size you want your tutu to be. One option would be to measure the child’s waist to determine the width and length you desire. Second option would be to use the chart below:

This tutu is going to be for a newborn, so I went with a 12” waist and a 6” length. Cut your piece of cardboard DOUBLE the LENGTH you want your tutu to be. Wrap your whole roll of tulle around and around the cardboard. I like to place my roll on the ground as I flip the cardboard over and over on the table.

Once the whole roll is wrapped around the cardboard use your scissors and cut BOTH ends of tulle. 

This will give you a stack of tulle 12” long. When you tie the tulle onto the ribbon it will be folded and tied, creating your 6” length. Repeat the same process with the second roll of tulle.

Step Two: Tying the Tulle

Cut your ribbon long enough for the length of the waist x 3. This way you will have enough for the waistline and enough to create a bow when tied around the newborn’s waist. Tie two knots on the ribbon to create the space for the tulle to go, the length you want your waist to be, this will stop the tulle from sliding off.

Tie your ribbon around your roll of paper towels, this will hold your ribbon in place and makes it easier to knot your tulle on.

Grab two pieces of the same color of tulle. Fold them in half.

Place your tulle inside the ribbon facing down.

Pull the ends down through the hole on the outside of the ribbon.

Hold the knot at the top and the bottom of the tulle, pull until your knot is tight.

Repeat this step, alternating colors, until you have reached your next knot on the ribbon.

Create a cute little bow when tying the tutu around the newborn’s waist.

This family decided to get custom made t-shirts and onesie to go with this tutu. We can not wait to see how adorable these pictures turn out once their precious “Vegas Born” baby girl arrives. I think it is safe to say she might just be a Vegas Golden Knights fan as well. 

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