DIY Vegas Golden Knights Memorabilia Display Wall

One of our VGK Ladies, Jennifer Corcran, and her husband have an amazing memorabilia wall in their home.  We couldn’t resist asking a few questions about how they created this display. Maybe their shared ideas with help assist you in displaying your Vegas Golden Knights memorabilia. 

Q&A with Jennifer:

What paint did you use?

We got all but the gold at home depot. The gold is Modern Masters Pharaoh’s Gold. We paid extra for it because it’s shimmery and was better than the Home Depot option. 

How did you paint the lines on the wall?

Painters tape, caulking along the painter’s tape, and hand drawn by my husband after the removal of the tape. 

How did you do the line of secondary logos on the side of the wall? 

They’re vinyl stickers that are placed one in a line. They were actually meant for our corn hole game, but we used them for our wall instead.

How many coats did you have to use over the gray?

He measured the wall, then drew the lines for each stripe/section of paint. Then he painted the gray areas first, followed by the black, gold then red. The gold is a special gold that wasn’t part of the VGK colors at Home Depot. It was the most difficult to paint because he had to work very fast to get it to set properly. The red took the most coats (3 or 4) to paint. 

What is your favorite part of the wall?

My husbands’ favorite part is the pucks, and mine is the way he displayed our posters. The posters are in a folder that was screwed into the wall, and then each poster was put in a sheet protector. 

Where is the best place to get your picture frames to showcase everything?

Most of the pictures came with a frame. Those that did not, came from Michael’s (you gotta love coupons!).

How do you stick the pucks to the wall?

Puckcups. You can order them online ( and we purchased one for each puck we had. There is a story of how the pucks are set up and my husband loves to tell the story to those that are in the house. 

What are some of the reactions you get from people coming into your house?

My favorite was a young man that came over for my daughter’s birthday. He walked in and just stopped. He looked at every single item and asked questions on most of the items. He was a fan and had never seen so many things like that and it made us happy to go through it all with him. We’ve had people ask if we have enough items. We’ve had people ask us how much we’ve spent. Most people are just in awe when they walk in. 

What else do you have in store for the wall?

There are a few spots on the bottom to fill in, and we will… eventually. 

What are you going to do when you run out of space?

Stop buying stuff?? Ha, ha, ha… who am I kidding? We will probably expand to the rest of the room. 

Tell use about your fabulous VGK pot. Is there a # on the back for your favorite player?

That awesome VGK pot was done for me by my aunt Jeannette Wortham-Rhea. She made a bunch of them while she’s battling stage 4 bone cancer. She made me one as an early Christmas present and let me pick the puck (player or logo) on it. There is not a player # on the back because I wouldn’t be able to pick just one. 

I see you have items signed by the players. Which fan signing was your favorite and why?

Most of our items were purchased through Fanatics, the Armory or Arsenal. We’ve only been to three signings (all were because we are season ticket holders). My favorite was the first fan appreciation event. We walked around and got to talk to many different players. We bought a hockey stick and had a few players sign it (above the insert).  The reason it was my favorite was because the players were still a bit unknown and we got to have actual conversations with the players. We had a great conversation with Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (he had just had his first baby).  We talked about parenthood and the joys it brings us, and the not so fun stuff too. 

My husband deserves ALL the credit for this awesome display. He is the one who took time out of his busy school schedule to prep, line, paint, and hang up all the items. He is the creative one in our marriage, and I’m grateful for his hard work and dedication (not just on this project). 

We would love to know how you display your Vegas Golden Knights memorabilia.  Share with us in the comments section. Or if you would like to be featured on, email us at