Changes in the VGK Broadcasting Team Leaves Some Wondering Why

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Today we received confirmation that our game intermission broadcast family will not be returning for this upcoming, 2019-20 season. It has been reported that Aly Lozoff, Nick Gismondi, and Brad May did not have their contracts renewed. Many locals are left wondering what happened. In the coming days, we will provide you with any information as it becomes available to the VGK Ladies. We are sad to see them go and wish them the best of luck wherever this sports world may take them.

2 thoughts on “Changes in the VGK Broadcasting Team Leaves Some Wondering Why

  1. The best broadcast team in the NHL and they aren’t renewed for 2019/20
    That is a real sad story for Vegas Golden Knights fans . What happened ?
    If a management decision or $money$ – A big mistake !

    1. It was a sad decision. Not really sure what led up to contracts not being renewed. They were great with the community and we loeved having them here.

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