Easy DIY VGK Wall Art

My son is turning 8 this year and we are in the process of transitioning him from a little boys “CARS” room into a big boy’s room with a full-size loft bed.  When we asked what theme he wanted, it was a no brainer….HOCKEY. He loves the Knights and hockey, he’s been playing for a year now.  This tutorial is the first of many that will take you along our journey to get him his big boy VGK/ hockey themed room.  

 This wall art idea came from my sister, she made these canvases for her sons’ room and I thought it was GENIUS!

List of Supplies:

Wood Frame Wrapped Canvas 11 x 14

Rally Towel 15 x 18 

Heavy Duty Staple Gun and Staples

Step One: Position Art

Place your rally towel face down on a flat surface.  Place your canvas face down on top of the towel, position directly over the area you want displayed on your wall.  You want to make sure you have enough fabric surrounding the canvas to staple down to the wood trim. Hint This would be a perfect way to use an extra rally towel possibly from a VGK game.  Depending on your towel size you might need a smaller canvas.  

Step Two: Staple Art

 Take one side of fabric and fold it over the wood edge. Take your heavy-duty stapler and staple your fabric down.  Put one staple close to each corner and a few in the middle of the frame side.  Be careful when using your stapler,   hold it firmly down on the surface and squeeze handle to staple. Use the pictures below as a guide for stapling the corners.

Fold all sides over and staple down.  

 After all your sides are secure and stapled down, your wall art is ready to hang up.  

After completing this project my son decided he wanted the Chance rally towel instead.  ☺ Good thing your project can be fixed or replaced with your staple remover.  

We painted his room a gray color to match the VGK colors.  The other wall art is from a little paint party we had for the kids.  (Maybe you will see in a future tutorial)

Another reason we decided to transition my son into a big boy room was because we wanted him to start falling asleep on his own. He would fall asleep in our bed or want us to be with him in his bed while he would fall asleep. He instantly started sleeping on his own after this transition! I think it helped him a lot to be in a loft bed with the feeling of being up and safe. His Mema and Grandma got him a new gift for his new room that also helped: a Vegas Golden Knights Comforter and Sham Set. He absolutely loves it!

As we continue to transition his room into a Vegas Golden Knights bedroom, I’ll post more tips, ideas, and pictures so you can do the same for your kid!

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